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Celebrity Security London
Celebrity Security London

Celebrity Security

Rapid Security offers a wide range of security services for all Celebrity & VIP requirements in London, Essex & Bromley Kent. Discreet close protection, Body guards, Chauffeuring services & many more.

All Celebrity security services are completely tailored to your personal requirements.
Home services, residential protection, including CCTV, Gate automation, fully monitored intruder alarm systems with response team facility.

Our professional and experienced staff will make sure all your security needs are met.

Initial Site Surveys

We realise that each site visited will present different security challenges. Our co-ordinators visit each site prior to the celebrity visit to determine potential security weaknesses and establish a security plan for each venue.

Crowd Management

Our security Personnel are fully trained in crowd management and are ready to provide you with security in the presence of small and large crowds. When in large crowds, we can provide spotters in addition to the security operatives. These spotters survey the crowd for potential issues and can radio to the security operatives providing close protection to the celebrity.

Walking and Seating Formations

Our operatives are up-to-date on the most effective techniques to use when walking with a celebrity to escort him or her from place to place and the best formations to utilise when sitting around a celebrity in any given venue.

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