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Covert surveillance operations

Mobile Surveillance

We can deploy a mobile covert surveillance team at short notice in either cars, vans, motorcycles or even licensed taxis depending on the requirements of the case. We will assign you a team leader who is responsible for managing the case and keeping you fully informed. Information gathered is compiled into a formal document, which is fully admissible for any legal proceedings. You will also receive an edited DVD with video or images of the surveillance.

Static Surveillance

It is sometimes possible to gather the information you need from a static position, from a surveillance van or nearby building. Again, the team leader will keep you right up to date and our professional evidence gathering process means everything we collate can be used in court.

Electronic Surveillance

We can design and install bespoke camera and recording systems to capture evidence. A covert vehicle can be placed in a location to remotely monitor an address. All footage is recorded onto time and date stamped video for evidential use.

Our team can also arrange a sweep of commercial and residential addresses.

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